Air Compressors

Pickmore provides a diverse range of high-quality air compressors tailored to meet various needs. Our selection includes models suitable for everything from DIY projects and home use to professional and industrial applications. Equipped with powerful motors and efficient pumps, these air compressors deliver consistent, high-pressure air output, ensuring your air tools and pneumatic devices run smoothly. Designed for durability and reliability, they are built to withstand demanding conditions, making them ideal for tasks such as inflating tires, spray painting, powering pneumatic tools, and more.

At Pickmore, we prioritise ease of use and safety. Many of our air compressors feature user-friendly components like easy-to-read pressure gauges, quick-connect fittings, and portable designs. Safety features, including thermal overload protection and safety valves, ensure secure operation. We are dedicated to offering products from trusted manufacturers, ensuring high standards of quality and performance. With comprehensive warranties and excellent customer support, you can confidently find the perfect air compressor to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Explore our range today and let our knowledgeable team assist you in making the best choice for your needs. We also stock a range of Air Tools, Accessories, and Air compressor hoses.

To help in your choice we have provided some guides: Guide to Industrial Electric Air Compressors and A Comprehensive Air Compressor Guide.