Our Brennenstuhl Products

Discover the wide range of Brennenstuhl products, the ultimate choice for all your power and lighting needs. From extension cables and extension leads to lighting products, moisture detectors, PIR motion detectors, torches, and more, Brennenstuhl offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality electrical accessories and tools to meet your requirements.

Extension Leads

Experience seamless power connectivity with their extension cables and extension leads. Designed for convenience and versatility, these products allow you to extend your power reach and connect multiple devices effortlessly. Say goodbye to limited power access and tangled cords, and enjoy the freedom to power your devices wherever you need them.


Illuminate your surroundings with their lighting products. Whether you need practical lighting solutions for your workspace or decorative lighting for your home, Brennenstuhl offers a diverse range of lamps, spotlights, and LED lighting options to suit your preferences. Brighten up your environment with energy-efficient and reliable lighting solutions.

Testing Metres

Ensure the safety of your space with Brennenstuhl moisture detectors and PIR motion detectors. These intelligent devices provide early detection of moisture levels and motion, allowing you to prevent potential damage and enhance security. Stay one step ahead with Brennenstuhl’s advanced detection technology.