Clarke Pumps and Spares

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Clarke is synonymous with quality and innovation, and their products are designed to exceed your expectations. Whether you need compressed air for your workshop, efficient water pumping solutions, or organised cable management, Clarke has the perfect solution for you.

They offer exceptional Air Compressors for various applications, providing reliable compressed air for pneumatic tools, tire inflation, and machinery. With a range of sizes and power options available, choose the compressor that suits your needs.

Water Pumps that deliver efficient performance for draining pools, irrigating gardens, and water transfer tasks. Designed for durability, these pumps withstand challenging conditions and provide consistent results.

And Clarke’s Retractable Cable Reels offer organised cable management with an easy-to-use retractable mechanism. Eliminate tangled cords and ensure safety in workshops or garages. Ideal for powering tools and creating an organised setup.